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Sterlina in oro 916 nel fantastico blister Naori
gold sovereign with Naóri blister

Gold Sovereign

The Gold Sovereign minted by The Royal Mint is one of the most well-known coins by investors and beyond; an elegant coin with attention to the smallest detail, appreciated and renowned worldwide. Naóri for this reason, has dedicated a blister with an exclusive design to it, making it even more an excellent investment on a personal level and, why not, a very interesting gift.

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Ingot 5 gram

24kt fine gold 5 gram gold bar Naóri

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24kt fine gold 10 gram gold bar Naóri

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24kt fine gold 20 gram gold bar Naóri

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24kt fine gold 50 gram gold bar Naóri

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24kt fine gold 100 gram gold bar Naóri