Naóri lines

Naóri includes lines of products made up of 24k or 999.9 gold and was created with the aim of making a wider audience appreciate the charm of the precious metal at the highest degree of purity.

Market research, together with the collaboration of a team of selected designers and jewelers, contributed to the Naóri project, which includes a Collection line,a line dedicated to important Events and one for Investment.

Cofanetto Naori con certificato di garanzia
Naóri box with guarantee certificate

The emotion of the moment, a memory forever.

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Naóri was born with the intention of extending the custom of give pure gold on anniversaries and at the same time to satisfy the requests of customers looking for special gift. To celebrate the best moments of life Naóri, thanks to the lines Collection line,, Events e Saints, is the perfect idea for any gift, as well as the ideal solution for those who love to collect gold.

Collection line,

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Discover Naóri Investment


For precious metals investors our team has designed a unique layout making the investment line Investment much more impactful than the bars and investment coins already on the market. Do you want to invest in gold? Visit and choose your investment gold!

Sterlina in oro 916 nel fantastico blister Naori
gold sovereign with Naóri blister

Monete da investimento

The Gold Sovereign minted by The Royal Mint is one of the most well-known coins by investors and beyond; an elegant coin with attention to the smallest detail, appreciated and renowned worldwide. Naóri for this reason, has dedicated a blister with an exclusive design to it, making it even more an excellent investment on a personal level and, why not, a very interesting gift.

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Lingotti da investimento

Per rispondere meglio alle richieste di chi vuole investire in oro, Naóri ha creato una linea da investimento che comprende lingotti in oro puro 999.9 24kt fine gold da 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g e 100 g. I lingotti vengono prodotti da Aziende made in Italy. Sulla parte anteriore sono presenti in rilievo il logo Naóri, la grammatura del lingotto, la purezza e il marchio aziendale. Sulla parte posteriore del lingotto troviamo l’emblema del marchio Naóri in rilievo e la punzonatura dell’azienda produttrice che certifica la reale purezza del lingotto.

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