Naóri lines

Naóri includes lines of products made up of 24k or 999.9 gold and was created with the aim of making a wider audience appreciate the charm of the precious metal at the highest degree of purity.

Market research, together with the collaboration of a team of selected designers and jewelers, contributed to the Naóri project, which includes a Collectiona line dedicated to important Events and one for Investment.

Cofanetto Naori con certificato di garanzia
Naóri box with guarantee certificate

The emotion of the moment, a memory forever.

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Naóri was born with the intention of extending the custom of give pure gold on anniversaries and at the same time to satisfy the requests of customers looking for special gift. To celebrate the best moments of life Naóri, thanks to the lines Collection, Events e Saints, is the perfect idea for any gift, as well as the ideal solution for those who love to collect gold.


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Discover Naóri Investment


For precious metals investors our team has designed a unique layout making the investment line Investment much more impactful than the bars and investment coins already on the market. Do you want to invest in gold? Visit and choose your investment gold!

Sterlina in oro 916 nel fantastico blister Naori
gold sovereign with Naóri blister

Investment coins

The Gold Sovereign minted by The Royal Mint is one of the most well-known coins by investors and beyond; an elegant coin with attention to the smallest detail, appreciated and renowned worldwide. Naóri for this reason, has dedicated a blister with an exclusive design to it, making it even more an excellent investment on a personal level and, why not, a very interesting gift.

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Investment bars

Naóri has created an investment line that includes 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g and 100g of pure 999.9 24kt fine gold ingots. The bars are produced by Italian companies. The Naóri logo, the weight of the bar, the purity and the company brand are embossed on the front. On the back of the ingot we can find the emblem of the Naóri brand in relief and the hallmark of the manufacturer which certifies the real purity of the ingot.

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The Brand: Production Warranty and Features


To better respond to the requests of those who want to invest in gold or those who want to make an exclusive gift of great value, 𝙉𝙖𝙤́𝙧𝙞® has created fine gold 𝟗𝟗𝟗, 𝟗 certified ingots with a unique design in Italy. In fact the 𝙉𝙖𝙤́𝙧𝙞® ingots are coined in relief on both sides with a particular minting technique called “DMT”, acronym for “Double Mint Technology”. This gives the ingot a glossy / mirrored "background" with the satin / matt embossed part. Overall, harmonious contrasts are obtained, like real jewels, and greater anti-counterfeiting security compared to traditional ingots already available on the market.


Italia Gioielli S.r.l, owner of the 𝙉𝙖𝙤́𝙧𝙞® brand, guarantees the 999.9 ‰ fineness of its ingots in several steps. These include the verification of the producer, who certifies it by marking with a punch registered on the back of the same, and the verification carried out directly on the minted ingots (sampled for each batch) by accredited third-party refineries. The latter, after having authenticated their weight and dimensions, subject them individually to chemical testing for the validation of the title and the issue of a suitable certificate of conformity. The ingots are then sealed in an exclusive anti-tampering blister and placed on the market in an elegant dedicated package. The long production process, the peculiar minting technique, as well as the verification and packaging methods ensure that at the time of resale the 𝙉𝙖𝙤́𝙧𝙞® ingots have a higher market value and marketability, comparable only to well-known foreign brands.


𝙉𝙖𝙤́𝙧𝙞® bars have been designed to best meet both the needs of who wants to invest in physical gold and also of customers looking for an important and attractive gift for a special event. These prerogatives are made possible thanks to the modern minting technology used: the “DMT”, acronym for “Double Mint Technology”. This technology is a variant of Anglo-Saxon derivation for the production of gold coins for collecting purposes. The DMT, developed as an anti-counterfeiting system, in fact allows the maximum guarantee of authenticity to the ingot, adding to it a visual appeal of high aesthetic performance. The first phase is the creation of cones with a special high-strength alloy, finished and polished by hand. The next phase is the molding (coining), that is the realization of the actual ingot starting from the "blanks" (platelets of pure gold 999.9 ‰) of the appropriate weight, which are also previously polished. The mold phase is the most delicate and requires a perfect combination of operator skill and precise calibration of the presses, with controlled pressure. In fact during the DMT coining the blanks are impressed with more passes and with a greater pressure than the traditional technique. In addition every 20 ingots produced the molds are checked and, if necessary, subjected to re-polishing with abrasives based on diamond microparticles.

The result is a 999.9 ‰ pure gold ingot with an attractive design, uniformly satin-finished embossed finishes and a shiny / mirrored background coupled with a high anti-counterfeiting standard. In fact counterfeits are as old as the bars and coins in circulation; developing increasingly sophisticated security features and anti-counterfeiting technologies represents a guarantee put in place to help the public have awareness and trust in what they are buying, especially with regard to authenticity. This is why 𝙉𝙖𝙤́𝙧𝙞® ingots are studied in detail to combat counterfeits that now mainly affect products of well-known brands. They are not engraved but coined in relief and with deep depressions on both sides. This technique, in addition to returning a pleasant and aforementioned visual effect, exposes less uniform thickness, so as not to allow the containment of foreign material inside. Furthermore, the "N" engraved on the back have certain safety features: they are arranged according to a very precise mapping, whose configuration is known only to the trademark holder. Also on the back is the hallmark according to Italian law: a registered trademark indicating the title and code of the manufacturer.
𝙉𝙖𝙤́𝙧𝙞® ingots are marketed in an elegant and functional packaging. They are sealed in an anti-tampering blister in which is inserted a personalized “ITG® Italia Gioielli” holographic security element, like those used for banknotes. The blister contains all the features and a QR code referring to the product on the website. In addition, the blister comes with a deserving dedicated gift box.

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